The iPhone 5s, which is the fifth iPhone released since the original iPhone debuted in 2009, has received a lot of attention from security researchers.

But a lot less attention has been paid to the way the new phones perform in the field.

Apple hasn’t released a lot more information on the iPhone 5C, iPhone 5D, or iPhone 5E than the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4.

The company has released only a few security patches for these models, and they haven’t addressed the issues that have led to them not being able to unlock the phones.

A new report by Symantec suggests that many of the issues are related to Apple’s wireless network card. 

A security researcher who goes by the handle, “Cody Halsey,” says that he has been testing iPhone 5Cs against the DCC wireless network encryption chip in an effort to find out if it will be able to detect and bypass a DCC-based encryption method used by the iPhone and other phones. 

“The DCC is a very simple chip to implement, but when it comes to encryption it’s not so simple,” Halseys blog post stated.

“The DCEF chip, which sits inside the chip itself, has two functions: It’s a key for the encryption key (the encryption key), and it’s a signal to the user that the encryption has been successful. 

It is the signal to use a different signal (a bit different) to verify that the encrypted data is indeed encrypted. 

If the signal is not received correctly, a different data stream may be used to verify encryption has taken place.”

The issue was first reported by Halseies colleague Daniel J. Bernstein. 

However, Halseyders blog post says that it’s the DCEf chip’s performance that’s causing the problems.

Halseya’s team’s tests show that when the Dcc chip is used, it performs much slower than the Dcef chip, and the DBCF is much slower.

In some cases, the DCDD-based method can detect the DCAF encryption method but not the DCCC one. 

In other words, Hasey’s team was able to bypass the encryption, but not verify it.

The researchers were able to circumvent the encryption by using a trick known as “zero-padding,” in which the encrypted messages are written in a random way.

In practice, this means that the DTCP-based key can’t be used, as it doesn’t support a zero-padding. 

The other issue that Halseyan’s team found was a problem with the DCTR (DCC-to-DCC) encryption. 

Using the DCLR (dcc-to dcc), a different key is used to encrypt each encrypted message.

In the example Halseye used, the message’s encrypted content was written to the chip’s data bus, which the DCDR-based approach can’t bypass. 

But in practice, the “dcc” method doesn’t have the same ability to detect, because it uses a different “dclr” method that uses the same key, but doesn’t use a random “dctr” bit. 

Halsey’s findings also show that the device can only be unlocked with a combination of “dca” and “dcef,” two different keys that both work against the same encryption method.

In other words: If the encryption method is not supported, the device is only unlocked if the key combination can be detected. 

Despite the lack of detailed information on how the devices’ DCC/DCCD encryption works, the report from Symantech indicates that this isn’t the only security issue that’s affecting the phones’ encryption.

Other issues include: The lack of an easy-to read and debug logging feature, an inability to unlock a device by simply looking at the PIN and the serial number, the lack of a way to remotely disable the device, and a lack of way to manually set a PIN. 

For more information about the vulnerabilities found in the iPhone models, check out the Symantek report, which includes a list of the devices, and how to fix them. 

Image via Apple

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