A new tool has been created that allows people to track the range of their wireless network using a GPS antenna.

The Jitterbug Wireless Network Tracker is a free software application that enables users to track range of any wireless network.

Users can create an account on the Jitterbugs website and then upload a video or picture of their network to the app.

If the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the Jagerbug will show the number of kilometers (km) the network has travelled, as well as the distance travelled to that location.

As you can see from the video above, the distance to the furthest point on the network is about 20 km.

However, this only shows the maximum distance the network can reach, as the actual network can vary from one location to another.

Once you have uploaded a picture, the app will also upload a map with an approximate distance of the network to each point.

It can be used to pinpoint locations with just a few taps, but you can also upload photos, or videos of your network and then the app can track the distances along your path.

Jitterbugs has said it will add more features to the application in the future, but at the moment the application is limited to tracking the distance of about 10 meters (33 feet).

The company has already started developing a free app called Tappelator to track your WiFi, but it will likely be a while before it becomes available.

A similar application, called Wireless Sensors, has been available since 2013.

There are many other applications on the market that can be downloaded and used to track wireless networks, but the Jaggerbuggers application seems to be a more secure alternative to those.

Source: RTE

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