DONG NGO, South Korea, Dec. 1 (UPI) — The Dish Network, which has been accused of discriminating against Indian consumers and pushing them to pay for services they didn’t need, will be renamed to Dong Ngo Network.

The company said Tuesday it was “delivering the right value” by changing its name.

The move will bring together the business unit of Dish Network with the unit of the new company, Dish Network India.

Dish Network CEO Raja Koduri said in a statement Tuesday that the company was excited to partner with Dong NGo, which is based in South Korea and which has already expanded to India.

The news comes amid heightened scrutiny of the company’s pricing practices in India, where it is one of the largest players in the broadband market.

The Indian government said earlier this month it would probe the company for alleged anti-competitive behavior, which could lead to fines of $5 billion.

“We are excited to have a partnership with DongNgo.

The team has a history of building innovative technologies that have helped us to bring better experiences to consumers,” Koduri wrote.

Dish Networks, which also operates in India and is a joint venture of Comcast and Deutsche Telekom, has a presence in some 100 million households in the country.

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