By now, most of us are familiar with the security problems plaguing the internet, from ransomware to online scams to the threat of cyberattacks on our businesses and government.

But there are also problems that go much deeper than the usual attacks that make our internet so insecure.

Wireless routers have long been the preferred internet access method for many people, but that’s beginning to change.

And it’s a real problem.

According to a new report from the security firm FireEye, wireless routers in the US are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in the way the router communicates with the internet.

According the report, more than 70 percent of wireless routers used in the United States have been infected with a “zero-day” or security vulnerability in the protocol they use to transmit data.

In the report released today, FireEye’s David Lassiter and colleagues at Trend Micro analyzed 1,000 routers found in public and private Wi-Fi networks around the US.

The vulnerabilities that researchers found could allow attackers to exploit these routers to remotely execute malicious code on the device, which could then be used to remotely take control of the device and take control over its operations.

FireEye said that this is a real concern, because it means that the devices used by people are vulnerable to attack.

The most common zero-day attack vector for routers that use 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, which are commonly used in routers, is a zero-days exploit known as “DDR Overload,” which is also used by malicious applications that try to take over an 802.1q network.

In that attack, an attacker can download the router firmware to the device in order to change the router’s configuration or send it commands.

If that happens, an attack could be able to take control or reboot the device.

Fireeye’s researchers found that most routers that were used in public Wi-FI networks, such as those in major cities, had at least one of the following zero-years:An exploit for CVE-2014-1219 that allowed attackers to send malicious requests via an unspecified internet protocol (IP) address (CVE-2014

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