The wireless networking of smartphones and tablets is now an integral part of a lot of our daily lives.

So why is it that these devices are sometimes disconnected from Wi-FI hotspots?

In theory, a wireless network could provide a way to allow an iPhone or iPad to connect to a wireless router without the need to connect directly to a cellular network.

However, as this is still a nascent technology, the devices that are already out there could soon be disconnected from wireless networks without even knowing it.

Apple and Microsoft have both made the switch to Wi-Fis, and the latest update to iOS 9.3.4 makes it easier for them to do so.

The latest version of the iOS 9 app also lets you use a Wi-fi network to connect a smartphone to a Wi, Wi-Tag, or other network that supports 802.11ac.

With iOS 9, Apple also added support for a new feature called Bluetooth Low Energy, which is a technology that uses Bluetooth to transmit a message and can be used to help users connect to nearby Wi-fis.

Apple has also included a new setting called Advanced Network Profiles in the Settings app called Advanced.

This setting allows you to change the network name that a device will be shown in the Wi-Man menu when it is connected to a network.

This is a handy feature that allows users to choose which network names to display on their phones, tablets, or computers.

Users can also configure their devices to only connect to Wi.

Fi networks that they own and have an active wireless network with them.

For instance, if a user has a wireless adapter connected to their house and the device has an active Wi-FAE, then they can choose to only use a network that they have an approved wireless network and are in the same network with.

Users of the iPhone 5C and 5S can also make the switch by simply turning off Bluetooth Low Egress.

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