In a nutshell: How much data is too much?

That’s the question at the heart of a hotly contested debate between Apple and the European Commission over the future of wireless internet in Europe.

The EU is due to publish its proposal in October, and the two companies have argued that their technology could be better used in different contexts.

“There is a need to ensure that people are able to access data and services that are more open and accessible, which means enabling a wider range of data services, including more flexible, faster services,” said Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook in a statement.

Apple argues that its technology is capable of delivering “over 600GB/second in a short time period” and will not be affected by changes to the data caps imposed by the EU. “

We look forward to working with the Commission to ensure our customers get the best possible deal.”

Apple argues that its technology is capable of delivering “over 600GB/second in a short time period” and will not be affected by changes to the data caps imposed by the EU.

However, the commission has proposed that wireless networks should be capped at 3GB per subscriber and 10GB per device.

Apple says that its network is already capable of handling data caps of this size and has been in continuous testing for years.

The company also argues that wireless internet is the most reliable way to stream content over the internet and that the EU’s proposed caps are too low.

“Data caps are a non-negotiable part of a fair internet,” said Mr Cook in his statement.

“[We] believe that wireless speeds and quality will continue to increase and that is why we will continue our work to bring the fastest, most reliable and affordable internet to all European consumers.”

Apple also argues it has built a network that is able to deliver “the most robust network that works in the most challenging and unpredictable conditions”, but that it is “not an ideal network to offer consumers and businesses”.

“The European Commission’s proposed data caps are unreasonable and will affect businesses in Europe and the global market,” said a spokesman for Apple.

“The Commission is looking for ways to raise more revenue by increasing data caps, which will result in a smaller overall market for Apple products.”

The Commission is due next week to publish a proposal on the future regulation of wireless broadband in Europe that will give the Commission the opportunity to give final approval to any changes to wireless internet that would apply to Apple’s network.

® This article was amended on 28 September to clarify that the proposed data cap for Apple’s wireless network is 3GB for every data user.

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