Telstra is making wireless network setup and troubleshooting a breeze.

Telstra Wireless is the first mobile network to be designed specifically for the telco’s wireless customers.

Its technology can handle speeds up to 3G and 4G, as well as 4G Wi-Fi speeds up a few hundred megabits per second.

It can also be used for voice calling and streaming media.

Telasco is a major telecom company and owns some of the largest wireless networks in the country, including Telstra and Optus.

It owns and operates some of Australia’s largest mobile networks, such as Telstra Wireless and Telstra Next.

Telesco’s new network will allow customers to connect with other telco customers and to share mobile data over the NBN.

Telesco said the new network could be used in remote areas or areas with low connectivity.

The company said it would provide more details about the network when it launches in early 2017.

Telcos can also set up networks in their own networks, using a smartphone app.

Telstra said it was using the smartphone app to set up a network for customers in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart and Darwin.

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