The next step in the AR-powered car network craze is coming.

The makers of the Google car have announced that they are now shipping their own car wireless network in the form of the Car-Connector, which plugs into your car’s power and GPS receiver.

Car-connectors have been a part of the AR craze for years, but the idea behind Car- Connectors is that they allow you to connect to cars without having to leave your car, which has some interesting benefits.

You can use your car as a car-to-car network, where a phone and car are connected and you can download apps and music.

Car Connectors also make it easy to share a home or office network with others.

You could use it to create a home-to/office-to network, or use it as a hub to connect all your cars to a single network.

CarConnectors can be connected to a variety of car types, including BMW, Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Nissan, Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, and Volkswagen Touareg.

If you want to connect your own car, you can also buy an arable-farm Car-Connector that plugs into a standard USB port.

CarConnector for Android has already shipped on Google’s Play Store, and we’re expecting more to follow.

If this sounds like a promising option for your car network, be sure to check out our tips on building your own Car-Net.

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