Posted August 06, 2018 04:53:17When is the next time you use your smartphone?

That’s the question that comes to mind when you read the headline of a new report that’s getting buzz around the tech world.

The survey by iResearch, an independent research firm, asks, “Which of the following smartphone technologies have you used more recently?”

The data, which surveyed a whopping 12,000 people across the U.S., includes the number of times people used smartphones from a variety of different brands.

This is a big jump from last year, when the iResearch survey asked the same question.

That’s not a good sign for the Android ecosystem, where there are still plenty of phones to choose from.

“The market for mobile phones has grown considerably in recent years, but it’s still a very small slice of the overall smartphone market,” iResearch CEO Chris Lydon said in a statement.

“As the popularity of Android devices has grown, more people have been choosing to upgrade from an older smartphone rather than to upgrade to a newer one.”

But the number is growing at an even faster rate, according to the report.

The number of people using smartphones from two companies rose to more than 5 million in 2016, while the number using smartphones for entertainment grew by more than 3 million.

So, while a growing number of smartphone users are choosing to switch to Android, it’s a far cry from the number that switched to iPhone a few years ago.

In 2016, just 13% of smartphone owners used iPhones, according a survey by IDC.

Today, a full 74% of Android users still use iPhones, compared to just 10% in 2016.

Lyden said that while smartphone adoption has risen, the growth in Android users is not enough to keep up with the growth of the iPhone, which is the dominant mobile platform.

“If the number one platform for mobile device adoption were to fall by 10%, Android would be the dominant platform,” Lydun said.

“There are a number of reasons why this is the case, but one of the biggest is the way that Android is being used on smartphones.”

Google is the most popular smartphone platform in the U, but Apple still holds the title.

Apple still controls almost half of all smartphone sales, while Google owns most of the smartphone market.

The iResearch study also looked at the number and types of apps that people use on smartphones, which could indicate whether a phone has an active user base.

The top three most popular apps for smartphones in 2016 were Gmail, Instagram and Twitter.

Google dominates the social network app space with Twitter, while Facebook dominates the messaging app space.

Instagram has nearly tripled its market share in the last two years.

Twitter is also dominating the music app space, with Spotify and Apple Music making up the top three.

Google’s own Music app has more than quadrupled its market shares in the past year, according, the study.

The report also found that more people are switching to Apple’s iOS and Android devices, which were still popular in 2016 compared to Android devices.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad have become much more popular over the past few years, while Apple’s Macs and Windows PCs have been losing market share.

Google has been struggling to maintain its position as the most important smartphone platform, and has struggled to keep its share of the market.

“Google’s success has been based on a very strong user base that has been attracted to Google’s innovative and well-designed products,” said iResearch vice president of product and innovation Nick Purdon in a press release.

“We are confident that the continued evolution of Google’s Android platform will deliver a better user experience across all devices.”

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