Wireless Network has been available for iOS 6 for some time, and we already know it’s coming to iPhone 5S in a big way.

But iOS 7 is here, and Apple is now officially rolling out the update to all iPhone 5 models.

We’ve already seen iOS 7 on iPhone 5 devices in the wild, but now Apple is rolling out an update to support the new iPhone 5.

Apple has officially announced that it’s rolling out a new update for iOS 7 to iPhone5s, but you might not notice it until you start getting reports of it hitting your iPhone.

According to AppleInsider, the update is being rolled out via an automatic update for iPhone 5 owners, so it should be pretty much ready to go by the time you hit the App Store.

This update also includes support for 802.11ac wireless networking, but that should come with a couple more tweaks.

The new wireless network update will also allow iPhone 5 and iPhone5S owners to connect to the same wireless network, though you’ll still need to be on the same network to be able to use the feature.

Apple’s update will be rolling out to the rest of the iPhone family over the next couple of weeks, and the company says it’ll be ready for iPhone 6 in mid-August.

AppleInsider’s coverage of wireless network updates is sponsored by T-Mobile, but we have no involvement with T-Mo.

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