AT&t Wireless Networks has launched a new wireless sensor technology, allowing it to automatically identify wireless networks when they’re being used by devices.

The technology, developed by AT&O, will enable it to monitor more than 80% of all the devices connected to AT&Os network, including tablets, phones and cameras.

It will be used in new ways, such as tracking the location of wireless devices, and will enable AT&Ts network to work better when the device is used by an individual, rather than a group.

The wireless sensor, developed in collaboration with Cisco, can identify which wireless network a device is using to send data and which wireless devices are being used to send information, such a location, speed and signal strength.

It is part of AT&ts network security initiative, which it launched in September last year.

It was developed with help from AT&C’s wireless network and security experts and is designed to detect when a device connects to a wireless network that has been compromised.

The new technology can also detect when an active wireless network is being used, or the network is connected to an unsecured network, such that it cannot be monitored or tampered with.

The network is automatically monitored by ATO, which will then notify users if a network is not being used and give them a warning message, so they can disconnect.AT&T Wireless Networks said it was able to identify more than 60% of the network’s wireless devices that were being used.

“The new wireless network sensor technology will help AT&s network to be more secure,” said Craig Thompson, director of technology at AT&Co, the parent company of AT &T and US mobile phone giant Verizon.

“It will help us make better decisions and more informed decisions about how to use the network.”

We’re taking a new approach to protecting our network and making sure it’s as secure as it can be, and this sensor is just the start of a series of innovations.

“The sensor will be available for purchase on the AT&E website on March 4.

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