A text messaging application is designed to help users avoid data caps on mobile data, but it also provides a way for advertisers to sell their targeted ads on the network.

It is a key part of WhatsApp’s efforts to build a wider user base.

Now it is using the network to help people reduce their data bills, a move that could change the way WhatsApp is used in the future.

WhatsApp is using its network to give users a way to manage their data usage WhatsApp has long had a feature for users to manage how much data they use on the service.

The feature was initially used to limit the amount of data users could send to each other and to limit spam.

WhatsApp had hoped the feature would be rolled out in the next major version of the service, which was launched last year.

However, it has now introduced a new feature, which allows users to set limits on the amount they can send to the network every day.

The new feature allows users the option to block certain networks, which will limit their usage on that network.

WhatsApp users can block certain companies WhatsApp said in a blog post today that users can now block certain groups or companies they don’t want to communicate with, using the new feature.

WhatsApp’s new network-management feature lets users block companies they’re not interested in, like banks or big banks, or companies that are blocked by a VPN, which prevents users from connecting to the service from outside the network’s network.

In a blog on Wednesday, the company said users will have to check the “Block company” box in the “About” page of their WhatsApp settings app.

Users can also block specific people or groups by typing the name of their contact in the search bar.

The changes were designed to provide a way users can manage how often they use WhatsApp and to help them manage data caps.

Users will also be able to change the data limits on their WhatsApp accounts at any time.

“WhatsApp is not a platform for spam or illegal activity,” WhatsApp said.

“We are proud of our network-monitoring feature, but there are plenty of ways for users who use WhatsApp to manage and control their own data usage.

This feature allows you to easily control the usage of WhatsApp without having to log in or activate the feature on your own.”

WhatsApp is currently available in Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

It also has plans to roll out the feature in other countries in the coming weeks.

The network-managing feature will be available on WhatsApp’s app for Android phones and will also roll out on iOS devices, WhatsApp said on its blog.

The company said the new features will make it easier for people to manage data usage and that people can still use WhatsApp from outside their network’s footprint.

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