LOS ANGELES — A woman who was confronted by a security guard at a Los Angeles hotel last month said she was shocked by the experience and believes the guard had an ulterior motive.

Melissa Mancini tweeted about the incident Friday and the guard told her she was doing it because she had a disability, and asked her if she was deaf.

“I was shocked because I’m not deaf,” she told The Associated Press.

The incident occurred at the La Brea Tar Pits Hotel in Beverly Hills, where a woman named Melissa was staying after a family member’s wedding.

Security guards at the hotel, where guests are allowed to wear headsets, asked Melissa to put on headphones.

When she refused, they told her they would call the police.

Instead, she was asked to put her headphones on.

She said the security guard, who had a badge, told her to go to a bathroom stall and then told her, “We’ve got an officer over here.”

The guard then went to her room, where he told her he was an officer.

He then asked her to put headphones on again, and told her the officer had a weapon.

Then he started asking her for identification.

“I told him no, I’m deaf,” Melissa said.

After the incident, Melissa posted on Twitter that she was a police officer, and that she felt like she was being violated.

Mancini, the Twitter user, told the AP that she did not believe the guard was a law enforcement officer.

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