The Windows 10 mobile operating system is getting a major overhaul this week with an update that brings new features to the operating system, including a new powerline connectivity feature and wireless networking.

Microsoft announced the update in a blog post on Tuesday, but it was not immediately clear how many users were affected by the change.

The new feature called Powerline Networks offers a way for users to connect a device directly to the network without the need for a second wireless connection.

It works like this: Users connect to a device that they already have an active network connection for, such as a smartphone or tablet, and plug the device into a powerline port.

The device will connect to the device without a second connection to the computer, and will continue to work even after the device is disconnected.

The Microsoft blog post says that the update will work on all versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.

Users can still connect to Windows 10 on ARM and PowerPC computers.

The update also adds a new wireless feature called Wireless Internet Access (WIAA) to Windows.

“WiFi is the Internet of Things that will become the norm,” Microsoft wrote in the blog post.

“The ability to connect to multiple devices in a small area allows you to quickly connect to more devices, all without any additional network bandwidth.

WIAA improves the security of the wireless network and provides users with a more robust, secure experience.”

Wireless Internet Access is a wireless service that provides access to a wireless network over the Internet, or over an IP address.

WIADA allows a device to be connected to a Wi-Fi network by a user’s computer, but the device itself must be on the same Wi-Fetted network.

Microsoft says the Wi-FI network is currently available in only three regions: the US, Canada, and China.

It says it plans to add more regions to the WiAA network in the coming weeks.

Microsoft did not say when it plans the update to roll out to all Windows 10 devices.

Users can connect a WiFi-enabled device to a new Windows 10 PC by installing the Windows 10 Creators Update on the device.

The Creators update is also available for Android, Apple, and Windows Phone devices.

Microsoft said that the Windows Creators feature will be added to Windows phones later this year.

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