The article also contains images of a laptop that appears to have been modified to work as a router.

The article states that “the hacker used a modified router from a laptop, and modified the network traffic between the router and a router that had a wired connection to a phone, the device he called a ‘smart phone,'” and that “he could access the network remotely through a wired network.”

The article goes on to state that the hacker had “a number of additional devices connected to the network, including a tablet with a webcam and a Bluetooth device.”

The report notes that the router was modified to include “two USB ports for storage, and another USB port for a camera, which allows for uploading photos to the camera.”

The hacker used “a series of tools to alter the firmware of the router to access the wireless network,” and “the router had multiple ‘tweaks’ to improve the network speed,” the article states.

The hacker was “not able to gain access to the VPN,” but “he was able to access a secure web server and upload photos and videos.”

The hacking was “successful,” the report states, but that the “hack was also a huge security risk.”

“It is possible that the hack could be used to remotely gain access and exploit other security vulnerabilities in wireless networks,” the investigation report states.

“We also have no indication that the vulnerability has been fixed.”

“If you have been using a router with a wireless interface for a long time, it is a good idea to upgrade your router to an Intel or AMD chipset.”

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