Apple finally launched its iPad Air 2 tablet on October 6, but the new tablet’s hardware still doesn’t support wireless networking.

The tablet is the second-generation iPad Air, which is only available in a 32GB model with WiFi.

The Air 2’s hardware supports wireless networking but only in limited form factors like the Air 2 Pro or Air 2s, which offer more than 256GB of storage.

The 64GB Air 2 is also the only 64GB model.

The iPad Air 3 will ship with an Air 2, 64GB, and 128GB models, but that’s only for a limited time.

The next iPad Air will launch in March with a 64GB and 128Gb model, according to The Verge.

The Air 2 will also launch with the same 256GB and 256Gb models, and those models will also support wireless connectivity, The Verge reported.

Apple is selling a limited edition iPad Air model in both 64GB (which has 128GB of internal storage) and 128G (which does not).

The iPad Air Pro with Retina display is the only iPad Air with a 256GB model, The Macworld reports.

The Macworld’s review unit was sold to a man in San Francisco, California, who received the 64GB iPad Air on October 18.

He was able to make wireless network drawings on the iPad Airs iPad 2 and Air 2 devices in his living room using an iPad 2 Pro.

Apple says the Air models have more features than previous iPad Air models, including a stylus, a microphone, and an Ethernet port.

The iPad Pro model will come with a stylable touchpad.

Apple’s iPad Air is the company’s smallest tablet.

The company says the iPad 2 is only 5.2mm thick, compared to the iPad’s 6.1mm.

It weighs 1.3 pounds.

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