The National Association of Broadcasters is pushing for consumers to sign up for 4G LTE services, saying that the cost of wireless broadband will be higher than it was before.

According to the FCC’s Wireless Network Management Plan, the cost to provide 4G service will increase from $8.99 per month to $19.99, and that the average cost of a monthly connection will be $25.99.

However, the FCC does not specify what that cost will be for the wireless carriers themselves.

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association also released a similar report last week, which estimated that the overall cost of 4G wireless service will go up from $15.98 per month and $19, to $24.97 per month.

The FCC has not released any new data to back up those estimates.

In addition, the NCTA also released its own cost-per-month estimate for wireless 4G services in March.

The NCTA estimated that a monthly subscription for 4Gs would cost $20.95 per month, while a monthly line of 4Gs with the same service would cost an extra $12.99 (from $18.99 to $22.99).

The NCTAs report did not include a range of cost-savings options.

For example, the report does not provide an estimate for monthly bandwidth discounts for consumers who opt for 4GB data plans.

It also does not include an estimate of the cost savings for those who pay for data plans through the wireless provider.

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