The year is 2017.

China has been an ever-present threat for the U.K. tech sector, but in 2018 the U,S.

and Chinese economies are expected to become more intertwined, with tech giants vying for a share of a growing middle class.

In an effort to help keep the tech industry in the U., Apple and Google are planning to expand their business to the Middle Kingdom.

The tech giants have already announced plans to open an office in Shanghai.

And in a move that could make the tech sector a much more global player in the coming years, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

and Tencent Holdings Ltd.

are planning a joint venture in 2019 to expand business in China.

While the tech companies are pushing ahead with plans to expand into the Middle East, their ambitions are also expanding to Asia.

Apple and Microsoft have both announced plans in the region to open new offices and launch new platforms in 2018.

But Alibaba and Tennet, the Chinese internet giants, are both in talks with the governments of Hong Kong and Macau to open office space in the two countries.

“There’s a lot of growth going on in the Middle Eastern space,” said Andrew Cunningham, director of global technology for U.C. Berkeley’s School of Information.

“There’s been a lot more investment in that space in recent years, and it’s a great place to grow and expand.”

China has long been a focus for tech investment.

In fact, the tech giants that are most active in the country have spent billions on their respective ventures.

But in the years since the U’s economic slowdown began, the country’s technology industry has been losing ground.

While China is a major technology hub, its economy has also become increasingly reliant on its own companies.

The country has also been experiencing a slowing economy, which has made it increasingly difficult to compete for the top tech talent.

But as China’s economy grows, that talent is coming to the United States.

The tech companies that have a strong presence in China are also investing heavily in the United Kingdom.

For example, Amazon, Apple and Twitter are all planning to open offices in the UK next year.

The move comes as the U.’s tech industry is looking to expand its presence in the European Union.

The U.k. is also looking to add a new platform to its digital ecosystem, the e-commerce platform Snap.

The U.s. and China have historically had a strong relationship, with the U-K.

receiving billions of dollars in aid from the U to help it fight the spread of the Ebola virus.

But a number of issues, such as a lack of political will to tackle economic problems and an inability to diversify the economy, have kept the U.-K.

from gaining more international market share.

Still, there’s no doubt that the tech world is in a different place than it was a decade ago, said Andrew Toth, director and senior vice president of the China Business Council, a think tank that focuses on China.

Toth said that China’s economic problems are not as bad as the problems of the U,’s.

However, Toth said there are still many Chinese people who have become disillusioned with the political system and their economy.

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