By Steve Gower The network operator of the UK national broadband network (NBN) is trying to fix a problem that affects about half of all its customers.

According to a new report, the network operator’s communications department is not having enough capacity to support the rapid growth of its customers’ internet traffic.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, a company representative said they were trying to find a solution to the problem, which affects customers across the country.

According a spokesperson for the network company, the problem has been occurring since April this year, but only started to become apparent after the UK National Broadbands (UKNB) board took over in June.NBN said the network is now being tested to ensure that it is not overloaded, and has been working to improve the service since then.

But the network has been facing issues since the beginning of the year, when it was first launched.

Its wireless internet was first introduced in May 2015.

However, a lack of data capacity and an outage in March 2016 led to customers being unable to access the internet.

A number of people reported that the service was completely broken, which was the first sign that something was seriously wrong with the service.

When it came to the network’s capacity, NBN claimed that it has more than 8,000 GB of available data.

However its claimed the capacity has been steadily increasing for the last two years.

Nexus subscribers who were unable to use their data had to resort to using their own data to upload or download files.

The issue is being addressed through a series of trials, which involve using NBN’s own fibre to the premises (FTTP) network.

However, it is still possible to access a certain portion of the network via a fibre to your home network, or the network itself, which means that it will still be up and running for some users.

While it has been able to offer the service to many more people, it has also been causing some problems for its own customers.

While NBN claims that it can improve the network by providing its own fibre network, this has not been the case.

It has also failed to deliver on promises to improve network capacity.NBS has previously said that it expects to deliver capacity increases of around 5% in 2020, but this has been delayed due to delays in getting fibre installed.

This means that NBN is now waiting for an additional 10-year investment of up to $400 million to complete the upgrade of the NBN network.

According the company’s chief executive, Andrew Penn, the issue is one that is affecting many Australians who do not have broadband internet.

“The NBN has always had a problem with network capacity, but it has never been this bad,” he said.

“It’s just not the service that people want and we’ve got a problem of service not being delivered.”NBN has said it expects its network to be fully functional by March 2021.

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