Cisco Systems Corp. CEO John Chambers has said the company’s wireless networking business “isn’t easy” to build in arubas, a country in South America with limited broadband penetration.

In a Tuesday interview with Bloomberg Television, Chambers said the challenge for Cisco is that “in aruba, there’s no real infrastructure to build that network.”

“We are looking for the right people, right infrastructure, right relationships,” he said.

Chambers said he wants to “make sure we’re putting in the right investment” to make arubascan wireless a reality.

In the interview, Chambers, a former vice president of communications for the Cisco Systems business unit, said the wireless networking industry has grown quickly in arabia in recent years.

“The technology has really gotten a lot better,” he told Bloomberg Television.

Chapters said Cisco will continue to expand its wireless services in araruba, adding that Cisco’s “global footprint” has grown since its first business there more than a decade ago.

Cisco, the largest U.S. wireless vendor, has been exploring ways to expand the services it offers in araba, a region in the Middle East that is largely undeveloped.

Ciscom said in December it would invest $300 million to build and expand a wireless internet service in the country.

Cescom is building a fiber-optic cable that will link to a central network and to other wireless broadband networks in the arabian region.

Chances are, the cable will connect to a router that connects to a wireless router that also connects to other fiber-based wireless networks in arabad.

In an interview with Reuters, Chambers acknowledged that the aruban market is very fragmented and that the market is a very competitive one, but he said Cisco has invested a lot in this market and is “really focused on building out a strong network and a strong wireless network.”

The company has invested $100 million in arba’s Internet access and will build a network with “very robust” access points, he said, adding he expects the company to bring the total investment in the market to $300 to $400 million.

Chanches also said Cisco is “working with the government” to find “the right partners” to bring high-speed broadband to arba.

He declined to name any specific companies, but said he expects them to be connected to a public utility in the future.

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