Watch: Samsung Gear Sport vs Apple Watch: Watch Vs.


This is a one-of-a-kind watch and sports watch with a futuristic design and features.

The Gear Sport is a wearable that is the result of the team working together with Apple and Samsung to create a smartwatch that looks and feels just like the Apple Watch, but it can also be worn as a smart phone.

This smartwatch comes in a stylish stainless steel case, with an aluminum band and metal clasp, that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and also has an optical heart rate sensor to track your heart rate, which allows you to track all the key metrics like heart rate variability, pace, speed, and distance to the nearest 10 feet.

The watch also has a dedicated watch face for you to customize your watch face with colors and patterns that are customizable to match your mood and the color of your skin.

The Apple Watch Sports model also has the Apple Pencil feature that helps you draw on a touch screen to quickly edit your notes.

There is also a new complication for the Apple watch, which makes it easy to quickly create, share, or view multiple notes.

The smartwatch also comes with Apple Pen Connect for drawing with your fingers on the screen.

The battery life is also impressive at 13 hours of continuous watch use on a single charge, which is more than twice the battery life of the Apple device, the Apple TV, and a Samsung Galaxy S6.

The Samsung Gear watch has a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

The device is also water resistant to IPX-8 water resistance rating, making it the best-performing watch in our review.

The Galaxy Gear Sport sports watch is priced at $199, but is available now at select retailers.

You can find out more about the Gear Sport and other smartwatches here.

Apple Watch Series 4 Apple Watch 4 Apple’s new watch comes in the sleek Black or white colors, with a metal band and a metal clasp.

It is the third smartwatch to come from Apple, and the third model to sport a stainless steel body.

The new watch is a little bigger than the iPhone 5s model, at 5.75 inches by 3.7 inches and weighs 3.45 pounds.

It has a 6-inch screen with a 1280 x 800 resolution and features a new color called “Silver”.

The watch features an integrated heart rate monitor, along with a heart rate strap and a battery compartment that can hold up to 12 hours of battery life.

The band and band’s strap can also come in three different color options, the “White”, “Silver”, and “Dark Brown”.

The new Apple Watch sports watch also includes an additional complication that lets you access Apple’s famous “Show Me” feature to share your watch’s status with your friends.

The “Show me” feature is similar to Apple’s AirPods but it uses a new algorithm to show you your Apple Watch when you are wearing it.

The algorithm uses data from the sensors of the watch, such as its accelerometer and gyroscope, to automatically detect your gestures and adjust the display to show notifications on your wrist.

It also can be used to check your activity and watch status.

There are also a number of new functions that let you view information and photos on the watch.

You get access to Apple Pay, Apple Pay Direct, Apple Health, Apple Watch’s HealthKit, Apple’s Health app, and more.

WatchOS 4 WatchOS is Apple’s latest operating system that is designed for the iPhone and iPad, and it is compatible with Android Wear devices.

The first WatchOS update for the new Watch is expected in early 2018.

Watch OS 4 includes a new feature called “Messages” which allows apps to share and receive notifications on the new watch.

The Watch OS apps can send and receive messages using Messages, which lets you send text messages and emails from the watch to the iPhone or iPad.

Messages can also send photos, voice messages, and music.

Watch users can customize the look and feel of their watch by adding notifications to their watch face.

The notifications can also show up on the main watch face, or they can appear on a secondary screen.

You also get the ability to customize the notifications to appear on the notification bar, the notifications can be hidden, or you can set the notification color.

A new “iMessage” feature also makes it easier to send and share messages from your phone or other apps on the Apple Watches.

The Messages feature lets you share your messages with other people on your watch, so that you can send them to them on your iPhone, or share them with them on the Watch.

The message you send can be a video, audio, or photo message, and can be delivered to your phone, or it can be sent to a text message or photo attachment.

You are also able to send voice messages to other people from the Watch on

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