We’re all familiar with Macs network definitions.

Apple has defined a lot of them, and we’ve all seen them described in the news, but they don’t all work the same way.

In this article, we’ll look at a few network definitions, and show you how to set them up to work the way you want.


Mac Wireless network definition¶ If you’re familiar with network definitions in the Mac operating system, you’ll have already seen some examples in the Finder or other apps.

These network definitions have a few common components: name of the wireless network definition (defaults to wireless network) a unique identifier (the MAC address of the network) the name of each network type in use (none, static, and DHCP) how many network interfaces are allowed per network type (default is one, but you can specify multiple) How to configure your wireless network¶ To use a network definition in your Mac, simply add a network to your network list.

To do this, navigate to Network Preferences and select Wireless Networks, and then click the Network tab.

On the next screen, scroll down and select Network Definitions.

On this screen, add the network definition that you want to use, and click Save.

You’ll be prompted to confirm the changes.

You can now save your network definitions to your hard drive, or use the Network Utilities utility from the Utilities menu in System Preferences.

Note: You can also use the Terminal to add network definitions and save them to your computer.

You might want to set this up after you’ve finished installing OS X. The terminal lets you run commands on your Mac.

For example, if you’re using an Apple Thunderbolt device, the Terminal lets you use a command like sudo mwget -q –no-check-certificate /etc/ssl/private/ca.crt to download the certificate for the network.

This will not work with other types of network definitions (like static networks).

For more details on network definitions see Understanding Network Definitions in OS 9.2.

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