Hacker News user brianwf is reporting that his PS4 Wireless Network is working on his network, but when he connects to it, it displays a message that reads: “PS4 Wireless is not working”.

This seems to indicate that the PS4 doesn’t have wireless connectivity for his wireless network.

The problem isn’t quite as simple as just connecting to the PS3 network, though.

The PS4’s wireless network is capable of running on either an LTE modem or a 2.4GHz 802.11n router.

That’s where the problem begins.

The PS4 uses a 2×2 802.15.4 wireless mesh network, and if you connect your PS4 to a 2×2 802 to 2.8GHz mesh network on the same network, it can work.

But if you’re connected to the 2×4 802.1.x network on a 2GHz network, the router will only work if you have a 2G or 4G LTE connection.

You’ll need a 4G network to connect to the network.

If you connect to a wireless network on your router, it’ll work, but you’ll need to go into the network settings, and choose the 2.2GHz and 2.6GHz modes, then connect.

If you want to use the 4G mode, you’ll have to connect with a 4GHz network on that network.

That’s when you’ll see an error message.

If that’s the case, and you have an older PS4, you may need to update to the latest firmware on your PS3, but it’s a pretty minor issue.

If it’s an older model, though, you might have to wait until you’re upgrading your PS1 and PS2.

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