Now Playing: Google Play Music and YouTube are making some changes for Android TV Now Playing ‘Smart TV’ is going to be more than just a TV Now Play: Google announces Google Play Store for Android Now Playing Google has finally announced Google Play for Android.

It’s a streaming music service that’s similar to Spotify, but much better.

Now Playing Facebook is trying to get Google to make a ‘smart’ home device Now Playing Why Google can’t just focus on its own products Now Playing Apple may be moving to a new cloud service, but Apple TV and iTunes still remain a big part of the business Now Playing Amazon and Netflix may be shutting down the streaming service that brought them to the forefront Now Playing Microsoft is trying a new approach to selling Xbox One games Now Playing Netflix’s chief content officer has quit amid a leadership change that’s bringing more attention to the streaming company Now Playing The biggest story on tech in 2018 so far: Amazon Alexa, Apple Watch, the iPhone X, Microsoft HoloLens and more Now Playing New ‘smart home’ apps to stream Netflix Now Playing This is what the future holds for the Apple Watch Now Playing Here’s what Apple Watch can do with your phone Now Playing What you need to know about Google’s new ‘home’ technology Now Playing Samsung just announced a new smart home device with a 4K display Now Playing Airbnb, Uber and other startups are taking their ideas to the streets Now Playing How Google plans to make the home more useful with the next version of Android Now Play Google has officially released its new smart thermostat, which is already available in some cities Now Playing Spotify is trying out a new service for users to search for music, movies, and podcasts Now Playing Disney is launching an Android app for the Disney Infinity 2.0 line of products Now Play Facebook is launching its own mobile gaming service Now Playing Nike and the NFL are getting together to promote diversity in sports Now Playing Instagram is taking a cue from Google Now and showing people how to use it to post pics Now Playing Sony has added a new feature to the Play Store that lets you share photos with your friends Now Playing A new Google Play store will let you stream videos on your phone to your TV Now All times local.

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