AT&t is preparing to launch a new wireless network with the backing of the Federal Government, as it looks to gain traction in the rapidly evolving wireless industry.

The company, which has been exploring the use of blockchain technology for its own network, is set to announce plans for the network at its next meeting on Wednesday.

Key points:AT&t, with its acquisition of US wireless giant T-Mobile, is building its own smartphone network, according to CEO Randall StephensonAT&T is already testing its own mobile wireless network and expects to be able to scale the network faster than T-mobileThe network will be powered by its own blockchain technologyAT&ts new network will not use the T-Mo network as it will not support the TMobile network, but will support other networks like those of the wireless carrierT-Mobile currently operates a mobile wireless service with a focus on US cities.

But the carrier has recently faced a number of technical challenges in deploying its own networks and will now try to work with AT&ts blockchain-based network to ensure that it is ready to compete with the likes of T-MO and AT&s competitors.

In a conference call with analysts, AT&Ts chief executive Randall Stephenson said the company would be taking a look at its own existing wireless network for potential use as part of its network expansion plans.

“We have a lot of different wireless networks to choose from,” he said.

“In particular, we have a great network of the US-based AT&T network that is available to us, but there are others.”

So we’ll be looking at the network that we already have, whether that’s a T-Mobiles network or a Telsa network or any other network.

“Mr Stephenson said that his company had started testing its network in recent months and had been able to take advantage of some of the network’s strengths.”

Our customers and our team have been very happy with the performance of our network,” he told analysts.”

And we have some other networks in the works.

“But the one thing we’re really excited about is that we can leverage our blockchain technology to support other types of networks.”

Mr Stephens said the AT&&ts network would not be compatible with the Tmobile network, which it is trying to acquire.

The carrier has been testing its new network in the US and has already found that its network has some advantages over T-Mobiles.

But Mr Stephenson said he expected it to be much better than its rival.

“As far as our ability to scale and scale well, we’ve found that we’re able to do that at a much higher rate than we’re getting from T-mobiles,” he added.

“We’re going to have a really good network, we’re going get very, very strong network penetration.”

Mr Sperling said that the new network would allow the company to build a network that could compete with T-mobiles and other rivals in areas such as voice, video and Internet.

“The reason that we’ve started this network is to be sure that we don’t have a monopoly in the wireless market,” he explained.

“That’s a very important factor for us to have in our strategy, because we want to compete and be able do it at scale, because the networks are going to get better and better.”

T-Mobilies voice service is also being looked at for AT&S networkThe network could be a key stepping stone for the company in the increasingly competitive wireless industry, which is currently dominated by US companies such as T-Tel, Sprint and AT+M.

Mr Sderlmann said AT&TS plans to explore using blockchain technology in its network and also the use for other applications in the future.

“At this point, it is our intention to build this network to allow us to leverage our network to support a wide range of applications,” he noted.

“This network will also be very, much more scalable than the Tmobiles network and will allow us as well to use our existing infrastructure to enable the deployment of other types or applications that may be of interest to us.”

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