Military networks across the country are a target for an intelligence agency that has secretly tapped into millions of cellphone and internet traffic, according to a new report.

The Intercept has obtained a court order that shows the NSA has tapped into U.S. military communications through military wireless systems, which are not subject to court oversight.

The report sheds new light on the surveillance program that has been in the news in recent months.

The documents also provide more detail on the way the NSA operates its surveillance operations, and how the agency is collecting data about Americans’ communications.

The intercepts are part of an ongoing legal battle between the Obama administration and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit that has filed suit in a federal court in New York seeking to stop the NSA from conducting surveillance.

The lawsuit alleges the NSA is violating the Privacy Act of 1974 and that the program is unconstitutional.

The NSA declined to comment on the report, and a spokesman said the agency “has made clear it will not comment on ongoing litigation.”

The NSA’s surveillance program is one of several that the agency says has nothing to do with national security.

The spy agency, which the ACLU says has the ability to collect the phone records of millions of Americans, has long argued that it does not have the authority to collect Americans’ metadata, which is information on how long and under what circumstances Americans communicate.

But it has been increasingly willing to disclose details of its surveillance programs in the wake of news reports.

It has been more forthcoming in recent weeks about a program that it says helps fight terrorism.

Last month, the NSA released a court-ordered document that details how it has targeted at least two foreign countries that were responsible for the 1998 bombing of a U.K. embassy and the 2004 killing of U.N. Staffan de Mistura.

In addition, the government disclosed the extent to which it has collected data from foreign telecom providers, including Verizon, which owns T-Mobile.

The agency has said it has no plans to disclose more specific details about its surveillance program.

Last year, the Justice Department also launched a criminal investigation into the program.

The Associated Press is not naming the sources of the documents in this story.

The Intercept report focuses on the NSA’s collection of cellphone metadata, the information that identifies who has a cellphone in a particular area.

The government has said the bulk collection is focused on overseas targets.

The program collects phone numbers, the number of calls made, and the time of calls.

The collection is authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and is required under the Patriot Act, which has a long-standing exemption for foreign intelligence gathering.

The Patriot Act also allows the NSA to obtain phone records from telecommunications companies for the purpose of fighting terrorism, but it has repeatedly been criticized for failing to keep data on Americans’ phone calls.

In December, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the NSA, seeking to block the collection of Americans’ call records.

In June, the judge presiding over the case ordered the government to comply with the ACLU’s request.

The court has since granted a preliminary injunction, allowing the government, which maintains that it has not collected any Americans’ calls, to keep the data for 30 days.

The ACLU is currently suing the Department of Justice, the National Security Agency, and Verizon.

In the report obtained by the Intercept, the spy agency describes a number of ways the NSA collects data about how Americans communicate online.

The bulk collection includes metadata about how many people are on a phone line, the time and location of calls, and whether the phone is being used for text messaging.

The surveillance also collects the “sender’s social network” and “subject to this collection, the network’s IP address,” according to the report.

For each of these communications, the agency asks the telecommunications company to provide “an IP address to the NSA,” the report says.

The data is then shared with the NSA “at the request of a foreign intelligence investigation.”

The NSA says it is also collecting “subjects’ metadata that may reveal other information about their identity, communications, and other information,” according a statement provided by the agency.

The statement did not explain how the data collected is used or why it was shared with foreign intelligence.

For example, the report notes that the NSA could collect the metadata for a specific person in the United States, including the person’s phone number and the number they dialed from.

The same information could be shared with a foreign government, the document says.

In the past, the intelligence community has said that it uses the data to identify individuals or groups that it suspects of plotting attacks against the U. S. “When a foreign country believes a U,S.

person is engaged in activity that could lead to an attack against the United Sates, the foreign intelligence services (and other agencies) may seek the information by conducting surveillance of that person’s communications, email, or other electronic communications,” the NSA said in a 2013 presentation to Congress. While the

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