How to find the best Wi-Fi in your home network

A lot of home Wi-fi networks come with the ability to monitor your home networks performance, but what if you don't want to monitor everything and only want to see the networks that you want to?In this article, we'll give you a quick guide on how to find and select the best wireless networks for your home.How to select the

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At&t Wi-Fi network and Sony Wireless Network launch in Singapore

Time has come for some of the world's biggest wireless companies to launch their own online services in Singapore.The country's telecommunications regulator has announced that At&T will provide internet access in its network for free for those using its 4G LTE network.Sony Wireless will offer free internet access on its 4GS network.The telco will begin providing its 4.5G wireless network

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Why you should never buy a cellphone from Senao Networks

Wireless networks are everywhere.If you are looking to add a wireless network to your smartphone or tablet, you may be looking at a costly and time-consuming process.Senao networks is a Chinese company that is the first to offer a wireless router to the market.The company offers its routers in a range of different configurations, including a router for home use,

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