A guide to wireless network quality

Wireless network quality is the number one concern when buying a new wireless router or router replacement.It can vary from router to router, and there are various brands of wireless network devices that can be used with each router.Here's a guide to the different types of wireless networks available and how they work.

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Why Verizon’s TPO Wireless network is so much better than T-Mobile’s

The Verizon Wireless network in the US is more powerful than T.Mobile's in many ways, but that doesn't mean the Verizon Wireless service is any more or less secure.In fact, T-Mo has found ways to improve the TPO network by deploying more advanced security and data encryption technologies.While Verizon's network has been widely praised for its security, it hasn't always

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Dish Network’s wireless network gets a major upgrade

Dish Networks, the world's biggest TV and Internet provider, has launched a major wireless network upgrade for its TV, video and Internet service in order to better serve customers.Dish Network has announced that it will deploy a new network called Dish Wireless for $10.50 per month, or $20 per month for a package of 12, 12-month and 18-month services.The new

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