Verizon Wireless to cut wireless network by 20%

Verizon Wireless has announced that it will cut the number of wireless networks in its network by about 20% from the current 30 to 10, with the network to be shut down by the end of June.In a statement, Verizon said it will "immediately discontinue any wireless network in the United States, including those owned by our customers".The carrier's statement

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Which NFL players will have the best mobile devices?

When it comes to mobile devices, the NFL isn't one to shy away from the spotlight.With more than 1,500 players, each with their own devices, a wide array of games are available on their mobile devices.Some of the more notable ones include quarterback Alex Smith, running back Jamaal Charles, linebacker DeMarcus Ware and wide receiver Antonio Brown.But with the league

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What are wireless networks?

Wireless networks are networks that allow for communication over a wireless network, and in the case of a wired connection they allow for data transmission.A wired network is much faster than a wireless connection, and allows for much faster speeds than wireless networks.Wireless networks work by using a different type of radio signal called a wireless power amplifier, which is

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