How to connect to Telus wireless networks

Telus has introduced a new way to connect your wireless network to TelUS's network.The telus network mode is one of the new capabilities in Telus Wireless's wireless network hookups.It is also available on Telus' network hook up apps.To set up your wireless connection with Telus network hook-up, go to your mobile phone settings on your phone.On your mobile settings, you

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‘Dish Network’ to be renamed ‘Dong Ngo’

DONG NGO, South Korea, Dec. 1 (UPI) -- The Dish Network, which has been accused of discriminating against Indian consumers and pushing them to pay for services they didn't need, will be renamed to Dong Ngo Network.The company said Tuesday it was "delivering the right value" by changing its name.The move will bring together the business unit of Dish Network

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The internet is about to become less secure as more people use wireless networks

By now, most of us are familiar with the security problems plaguing the internet, from ransomware to online scams to the threat of cyberattacks on our businesses and government.But there are also problems that go much deeper than the usual attacks that make our internet so insecure.Wireless routers have long been the preferred internet access method for many people, but

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Development Is Supported By

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