AT&T to launch its own wireless network

AT&t is preparing to launch a new wireless network with the backing of the Federal Government, as it looks to gain traction in the rapidly evolving wireless industry.The company, which has been exploring the use of blockchain technology for its own network, is set to announce plans for the network at its next meeting on Wednesday.Key points:AT&t, with its acquisition

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Why we don’t know if this is a virus or a false alarm: The case of the ‘ghostly’ cellphone signal

A mysterious signal in a Manitoba community could be coming from a cellphone tower, and it's a major security risk.The signal has been reported by residents in Winnipeg, and Manitoba's Emergency Management Agency says it's also been seen in Winnipeg's North Woods.The local wireless network operator says it has identified the source and is working to determine if the signal

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How to use the Google Smart Wireless Network

Smart wireless network ubiquito (wifi network ubiquitiva) is a wireless network that lets you use the same data as an internet connection.However, it doesn't offer a seamless experience.You'll need to connect to a local network to make use of it.You can also use it to share files and use Google Assistant to perform some basic tasks.We've looked at the best

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Development Is Supported By

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