When you’re stuck on a network, there’s no need to download apps or services, says Apple’s John Gruber

AppleInsider:  If you need a network connection when you're not on a wired or wireless network, you can download and run apps, games and even video apps.AppleInsiders Senior Editor John Grub has a good rundown of the different types of network connections, how they work, and how to connect them to your Apple TV.The first thing you need to know

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How to Get Rid of Wi-Fi Stagnation on Your Mobile Device

By now, you've probably heard that the world is a very different place with wireless networks today.The wireless networks in your home, office, and anywhere else that you can't get through the air are often very slow to react to your device's connectivity and interference.To make matters worse, the technology is increasingly expensive, unreliable, and prone to power outages.So why

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What’s happening with Verizon’s wireless network

With Verizon now launching the new Nexus 10 tablet with a wireless network (which is basically a mesh network), the company has opened up a new wireless network utility for other phones, too.This means you can now connect to a phone's wireless router to manage it remotely.Verizon has also opened up its Wi-Fi hotspot service, which lets you set up

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